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Fevicol Ezee Spray 353 gMS(500ML)

Rs549.00 Rs680.00

About this itemFevicol ezee spray is the best way to get your soundproofing products attached to any surfaceIt's an instant spray with rapid bonding so there is no curing time. Simply hold the panels in place for 10 seconds and you are doneUse this to attach polyurethane foam basotect panels rockwool mineral fiber panels polyester fiber panels wood..


Fevicol Heatx Fast setting Heat proof Adhesive

Rs280.00 Rs300.00

HEAT RESISTANCE - High Heat resistance capacity up to 170 deg Good for Heat prone areas like kitchen burner or dining table top.EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT - Bonds in 10-15 min Faster Completion of Carpentry. Faster Completion of work Faster Setting time: 2 hrs and saves labour.FAST BONDING - Fast Bonding, Grip & No Spring Back Action Best result..


Fevicol Marine waterproof Adhesive very lowest rate

Rs350.00 Rs400.00

Fevicol Marine is technologically advanced waterproof adhesive. It is ideal adhesive for marine plywood along with advanced waterproofing properties it has a superior coverage also. 7 Hours Boiling Waterproof, 7 Days Normal Waterproof, 4 hrs setting time...


Fevicol Pidilite Hi-per - High Performance woodworking Adhesive All pack

Rs375.00 Rs400.00

Fevicol Hi per is specially designed for bonding in furnitures Sports goods paper carpet mfg also recommended for bonding any two material where at least one of them is porous eg Paper card board particle board etcSuperior and unsurpassed bonding strength for pasting premium and thick laminates and veneers more than 1 mm thicknessAnti bubble waterp..


Fevicol SH Adhesive very lowest rate

Rs235.00 Rs225.00

Fevicol SH is rightly called ‘The Ultimate Adhesive’ as it has been building trust for more than 50 years in the industry. It is an adhesive perfect for a number of purposes. The ready-to-use product when applied on wood offers a super strong bond. With its easy application, the product offers high coverage...

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